We offer highly competitive commission rates starting with a minimum rate of 25% revenue share. With no negative carryover meaning you have a clean slate every month even if one of your players scores big and lifetime commissions Casino Affiliates offers its partners flexibility at premium rates.

Less than € 3,000


€ 3,000 - € 8,000


€ 8,000 - € 12,000


Over € 12,000



All payments are always made on the 15th at the latest. We take care of all the paperwork so all you have to do is select one payment method, sit back and relax because Casino Affiliates will take care of the rest.

We also offer a variety of great and easy payment methods for you to choose from.


Berry is an very well design casino, you really feel like playing when you enter. This togheter with an huge game portfolio we are an very happy partner of Vegasberry!

“When dealing with BerryPartnes you will get nothing but high commissions, on-time payments and an amazingly friendly and professional customer support. Wisegambler is happy to have found a great work partner for what it looks like a long run.”

Berry Partners are a pleasure to work with. Their team is very professional and helpful!

VegasBerrys online casino and Berry Partners have been a partner with us from day one. We really appreciate the quick responses from our manager as well as a new casino that works great with our players.

What is needed to get good quality players? We think it’s a nice looking website, with a solid game range and good casino bonuses. Something your players will get at VegasBerry casino. The managers at BerryPartners has been a success from day one as well. We are really looking forward to see the results of this new online casino 2019

Working with Berrypartners is a great experience. Their brand Vegasberry work very well in the Swedish market. The affiliate managers were very friendly and professional with their support and help.

BerryPartners provide with Vegasberry - a new casino.
If you are looking for a brand with a great offer and high convertion this is the one.

Working with BerryPartners is a real pleasure, their Vegasberry Casino looks great and the affiliates team is dedicated, professional and very fast when it comes to delivering or handling any need. The response time is fast and they are always helpful.

Berry partners and their online casino brand VegasBerry is a highly
recommend partner of us. We enjoy working with their high converting,
premium casino brands. Looking forward to successful years together.

We are happy to me promoting VegasBerry. A great brand and partner for us with good value and retention.

Berry Partners is an excellent casino affiliate program with a professional and knowledgeable affiliate team, a nice selection of marketing tools, a competitive commission structure, and good conversions for their Vegas Berry brand

The team beind BerryPartners gave us an great welcome, good support and assitance. Good product, good CRM and support makes us recommend Berrypartners to any affiliate out there.

“En OnlineCasinoGuia nos complace poder trabajar con un quipo tan profesional como BerryPartners. Todo lo que los afiliados buscamos lo encontramos en un lugar, pagos a tiempo, comisiones excepcionales, pero sobre todo un un equipo de trabajo que te hace sentirte como en familia.”

We highly recommend Berry Partners. They always deliver a reliable and professional service!

We run our site to give our readers the best new casinos out there. A great addition was once we started our partnership with Vegas Berry! We have noticed a great conversion as well as high-value players - something you shouldn’t miss out of

We enjoy working with Berrypartners and their Vegasberry Casino. The affiliate team is very professional and always helpful. The site is a great brand for our Finnish market. 

We are very happy to start working with Berrypartners. Their professionalism and fast service are just some of the reasons we love them. Vegasberry Casino has good free spins and bonus offers which have a great conversion rate.

Vegas Berry is a great online casino and so is the team behind it. Fast respons time, great support and a team that is always ready to assist in any matter. We are looking forward to many years of working together.

Berry Vegas Casino is neat casino with tons of promotions and games to choose from. It has all the features every gambler would ever ask for, making it easy to promote and convert players. Highly recommend! is excited to be working with BerryPartners. A great affiliate programme with a brand that works well for Swedish Players.

Were a great help in focusing our efforts on the most important areas in which we needed improvement, and their advice has proven itself time and time again. We recommend BerryPartners for their knowledge, experience and attitude to their partners. 



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If you think that your players would sign up more readily if they link to our promo page or to one of their favourite games, then so be it.

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Berrypartner offers the best, premium game providers, so that our players can enjoy the games they like all in one place. With strong industry brands like Microgaming , NetEnt and over 900 slots and also a Sportsbook with competitive odds on every sport from football to horse racing, you can be certain that when a player is referred he is there to stay and play!



Why should I Join?

It's free and it will add value to your site. Take a chance to earn extra money with very little effort! And on top Berrypartner´s dedicated affiliate team will help you the best possible way.

Where can I read the terms and conditions?

Read our Terms and Conditions

What if I forgot my password?

Use the "Forgot password?" link down from the login space at

What is Berry Partners?

BerryPartners is an affiliate program that allows you to earn money through your website. In this case, you will be referring players to VegasBerry. Place links on your site and earn a percentage of the revenue when players conclude a deposit. It's an easy way to generate extra profit and content to your website.

How do I sign up as an affiliate?

Sign up through the registration form. As soon as you're validated you'll receive a "welcome e-mail". Login at and choose from several banners or just create your own text link in a few seconds. Add the link to your website and you can earn money from day one!

How can i promote VegasBerry?

In your affiliate account you have “Marketing tools” page, where you can create new campaigns, find banners, logos and mailers to promote VegasBerry.

How do I know how much money I am earning?

BerryPartners provides you with all the information regarding your commission. Go to Reports when you are logged in, choose Time Period and you will see all details. We are “NOT” deducting any hidden fees or extra cost connected to your revenue.

For how long am I paid for a player?

You will get paid for players you refer to VegasBerry as long as they are playing. It’s a lifetime income.

What customers I earn money on?

You will earn money as long as the player signs up and deposits at Your commission is calculated on the Net earnings of those customers.

What will BerryPartners pay me?

BerryPartners offers one of the best commission structures on the market. You can earn anywhere between 25% and 40% Revenue Share depending on how many new depositing players you reffer each month to VegasBerry.

When do I get paid?

BerryPartners transfers your commission to your requested payment method between the 10th and the 15th every month.

How do I get paid?

BerryPartners transfers your commission to your requested payment method between the 10th and the 15th every month. Minimum payout to your requested payment method is €100, the amount is transferred to next month if it´s lower.

Where can I see the basic statistics?

On the main page in your affiliate account you have the table with basic statistics on clicks, registrations, depositors and your earnings.

Where can I see the monthly revenue?

You have the reports page in your affiliate account. You can get the monthly report by Campaign or in General.

What happens if my affiliate account shows negative net earnings?

The net earnings could turn up negative on your account. We do not carry over negative balances from one month to the next one. So you would start with 0 balance again next month and will not have to cover any costs for the month when the balance was negative.

Can I get the statistic by Campaign?

Yes, you can get all the statistics by Brand and by Campaign; you have this option on the welcome page in your affiliate account.

How can I get the reports?

You have the reports page in your affiliate account. You can get the reports for specific time frames by Campaign or in General.

How do I add a link to my website?

Login to and go to the “Marketing tools” page, there you will see existing campaigns and Tracking links, which you can add to your website. Copy the unique link and paste into your own website code. The banner or text link appears on your website and you can start to earn money!

How are the players I refer tracked?

The banner or text link you download and display on your website from BerryPartners have a special personal affiliate tracking code. When players you refer visit VegasBerry website for the first time, this tracking code is captured by a cookie that is stored on their computer when they signup. Any further activity by this player will then be registered and allocated to that specific player. You will be credited for all net income generated by the player for lifetime.

How can I create a new campaign?

Go to “Marketing tools” page in your affiliate account and click “Add Campaign”, enter campaign name, Signup coupon code (optional) and “Redirect to” link and press “Add”. The new campaign is ready and you can see it in the Tracking links section of your “Marketing tools” page.

Where can I find a banner?

Go to “Marketing tools” page and then choose “Banners” in the menu of the left and you would see the filters for the banners, choose the Type and Dimensions you want and press “Show”.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding BerryPartners, need further assistance, then do not hesitate to contact

Wie erstelle ich eine neue Kampagne?

Gehen Sie zu Marketing Toos im Partner Bereich und klicken Sie auf "Kampagne hinzufügen", geben sie den Kampagnen Namen & "Weiterleiten zu" Link ein und klicken Sie auf hinzfügen. Die neue Kampagne ist nun nutzbar und kann im Tracking Links Bereich der "Marketing Tools" Webseite gefunden werden.


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